Benefits of EU Citizenship

We help you to realise the Benefits of EU Citizenship. Cyprus is an EU member and, as a Cypriot Citizen, you will receive all the rights enjoyed by all EU Citizens.

  • Travel

    - Visa free travel on arrival to around 173 countries around the world including Canada. (for countries check Henley Passport Index )
    - Cyprus became a Member of the EU in 2004 which gives all holders of a Cyprus Passport, gives opportunity to travel within the Bloc and reside in any of the European Union Member Countries, without any restrictions (applies and to their family members even if the spouse is not a European citizen).

  • Education

    - Cyprus has two renowned Public Universities (Cyprus University of Technology and University of Cyprus) which allow a Cypriot national to study for free.
    - Cyprus as part of its Membership to the Bloc, permits Cypriot citizens to study in the Universities of the EU, either free of charge or paying lower tuition fees.
    - Educational Certificates are European, meaning they are recognised across the Bloc without the need for legalisations to make these recognised.

  • Employment

    - A Cypriot citizen can legally be employed and work in any of the Member States without restrictions. This also applies to their family members even if the spouse is not a European Union citizen).
    - Cypriot employees obtain considerable benefits, and Cypriot nationals can get this which paid annual leave, parental leave / sabbatical, pension payments and much more.

  • Healthcare

    - European Union citizens can access healthcare due to the adoption of cross-border healthcare, meaning EU citizens have the right to access healthcare in any of the Member States and for the care to be reimbursed by their county of nationality within the European Union
    - The issuance of a European health insurance card (EHIC), gives the right to any European Member / citizen to obtain state provided medical health in any member state with the same conditions and costs as those citizens insured in that country. It is worth seeing how that differs across Europe, as each country has its own healthcare policies.
    - With the implementation of Cyprus GeSY, Cypriot citizens can access healthcare with very low costs.

  • Business

    - Free movement of goods, capital and services within the bloc.
    - Cyprus has the 3rd largest merchant fleet within the European Union and has the 11th larges fleet in the world.

  • Taxation

    - Low corporate income tax (12.5%)
    - Double Tax Treaties with over 60 countries.
    - No Inheritance Tax fees due to Forced Heirship, although election of succession laws may be needed for this to apply (Brussels IV Regs 2015).
    - No withholding taxes.

  • Dual Citizenship

    Cyprus permits dual and multiple Nationalities. This is a blood right and will not be lost if your children are born abroad. This enables Cypriot Passport holders to reside lawfully in other Members States which could grant their children additional Nationalities in addition to the Cypriot.

  • Safety and Peace of Mind

    Cyprus has one of the lowest crime rates over the EU.

  • Purchasing Property

    It is far simpler to purchase property, not only in Cyprus but in any EU country. See below for more information.

Benefits of EU Citizenship: Purchasing a Home / Land in Cyprus Post Brexit

UK nationals who have not acquired dual Citizenship with the Republic of Cyprus are permitted to purchase one property in Cyprus. That property must be no larger than 4,014 square meters.

This could be an apartment, house, villa, plot of land or parcel of land.

Non-Cypriots are subject to restrictions on the square meterage of the property they can buy if Not a Cypriot Citizen no larger than 4,014 square meters.

  • You will need to apply to the Council of Ministers for authorization to acquire a property
  • Without or until this is granted, the Title Deed will not be transferred to you.

Its often worth a provision in the contract to take into consideration the possibility of permissions being denied.

This process can take months but generally up to 2 years.

Also, if you want to rent with your partner (unmarried), you may not be permitted to do so in joint names.

EU Citizenship Benefits