Birth, Marriage & Death Certificate Amendments & Re-Registrations

Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates are critical when applying for EU Citizenship. We help you to find, recreate and correct yours. We offer a full range of services to ensure you are provided with the correct certification, with the correct information, for your Citizenship application.

1. Birth Certificates

Cypriot (and other non-UK) Birth Certificates

  • Adding Father to a Birth Certificate
  • Removing Father from Birth Certificate
  • Registering Overseas Foreign Births

UK Birth Certificates

  • Change of gender re-registration
  • Removal of incorrect details of Father
  • Adding Father to Birth record (whilst father living)
  • Adding Father to Birth record posthumously
  • Retrospective legitimisation
  • Overseas Birth Registrations
  • Overseas Birth Legitimisations and Re-registrations
  • Retrospective overseas Birth Registrations
  • Posthumous birth registrations

Pre Citizenship Services
Birth Marriage and Death Certificates

2. Marriage Certificates

Amendments are limited to elements such as occupation, but the key things to find out are the details on the original register and how they differ to the certified issued marriage. Then amendments may be possible. This requires exploratory work.

3. Death Certificates

We can amend a Death Certificate if it has incorrect information such as a mistake in the spelling of the deceased’s name or an incorrect place of birth.

British Death Certificate