Cypriot Passport and Post-Citizenship Services

Becoming a Cypriot Citizen is the first stage we help you with. To take full advantage of your new citizenship, we will help you get your Cypriot Passport, Cypriot ID Card and Military Exemption if required.

1. Application for a Cypriot Passport and ID Card

We will collate all the documents you need into a pack which you can take to the Cypriot Embassy in London. Once you have submitted these documents and your application form, your Passport and ID Card should be ready within four months.

While you are at the Cypriot Embassy, they will take photos of you and copies of your signature for your documents.

Cypriot Passport

Cyprus Military Exemption

2. Military Exemption

If you do not live, and have never lived in Cyprus, you will be exempt from Military Service. We will help you put together the evidence to prove this so you can apply for your Military Exemption Certificate.

Persons who are Exempt from Compulsory Military Service

Those exempt from military service include those who live permanently abroad for as long as they continue to reside in third countries.

The following are also exempt:

  • Persons of dual Cypriot and Greek citizenship provided that during their permanent residence in Greece they fulfilled (and did not buy themselves out) of their obligation to serve in the Greek Army as provided for in the law of the Hellenic Republic,
  • All those who at the date of conscription have four or more dependants i.e. all those with a spouse/civil partner and have three or more children who are minors,
  • All those who upon conscription are considered unsuitable for military service for health reasons,
  • The oldest or the only son of the family whose father or brother was killed or went missing while serving in the National Guard.

3. Book your Cypriot Driving Test

We can book your Cypriot Driving Test to give you free movement on the roads as well as in the air.

We can also arrange for car re-registration in Cyprus.

Inheritance Laws in UK & Cyprus

Once you have dual citizenship status, we advise you to review your UK Will. This is because the UK (and Ireland) are not signatories to Brussels IV Regulations and your Dual Citizenship status must be mentioned to any Succession Lawyer.

This piece of legislation allows for you to amend your UK will (by adding a codicil) or Re-drafting this to include Brussels IV Regulations election of Cypriot succession laws.

Under Cyprus law, there is a forced heirship regime that is applied to the disposable portion of your estate. This means that certain relatives, like a husband or wife, must inherit your assets, and they are entitled to one-fourth of your estate. However, there is zero inheritance tax.

We can refer you to a UK Solicitor, or a Cypriot solicitor for Will writing services.

Moving to Cyprus

4. Freight Services

If you are moving to Cyprus, we can arrange for the shipping of your belongings.

Whether you’re moving to Larnaca, Oriklini, Pahphos, Nicosia or Ayia Napa, we can arrange to pack and ship your possession to Cyprus.

These will be delivered, unpacked to your new home.

We offer services to freight by:

  • Air: Air freight takes around 1-3 days and is the quickest option available. This is not suitable for large items unless you have an unlimited cash resource.
  • Sea: The most popular option is shipping by sea. The time to ship will be around 9 days, depending on the size of your cargo.

This is well worth doing before you depart for Cyprus, ensuring everything is ready when you arrive.

5. Services from our Cypriot Affiliate Offices

  • Probate Work in Cyprus
  • Land Searches to establish assets
  • Tax paid searches to ensure all up to date
  • Open a Business in Cyprus
  • Open Cyprus Personal or Business Bank accounts